Drosera is an extremely diverse genus of almost 200 species (as of 2016) that inhabits every continent except Antarctica. As it might be expected of the largest genus of carnivorous plants, there is a great deal of variation among the morphology, habitat, preferred growing conditions, and ease of cultivation of its members. Conditions that suit one species are likely to be toxic to another if they originate from radically different habitats. It is extremely important to acknowledge the habitat and cultivation needs of the species you are growing in order to keep it happy! However, despite the diversity of the genus, it is possible to group species into general categories that can more or less be grown in the same way based upon similar habitat and shared preferences in cultivation. For this reason, we have divided our Drosera grow guide into some sections generally recognized by horticulturists. We do not currently discuss all types of Drosera (such as tuberous, petiolaris, and tropical sundews), but we hope to do so in the future.