A beautiful, protected bog in the New Jersey Pinelands has fallen victim to poaching, with hundreds of adult Sarracenia purpurea being taken.

Species Profile: Drosera Solaris

A South American species not seen very often in cultivation, Drosera solaris is a small jewel that’s well worth the bit of extra effort required to grow it.

Species Profile: Drosera Neocaledonica

Here we dive offer a detailed description of D. neocaledonica as well as the conditions needed to succeed with this plant in cultivation.

Some things to consider as the growing season begins

As the snow melts away, the Sarracenia begin to jolt back to life. During this transition, how can you best ensure that your plants thrive?

Species profile: Drosera graomogolensis

South American Drosera are beautiful but notorious for their difficulty. Here we examine a species that is both stunning and somewhat forgiving.

Third Meeting of the Mid-Atlantic CP Society

It’s always exciting to meet other growers from your area. It’s even more exciting to meet those growers in the context of an expanding CP society!

Some Thoughts on Pinguicula Rock Plantings

A new fad that will be sure to pique your horticultural and artistic capabilities.

A Few Highland Plants to Round Off October

Summer heat can really do a number on highland plants. Luckily, they bounce back when temperatures cool down.

Species Profile: Utricularia alpina

Despite being the largest genus of CPs, Utricularia are often overlooked. Not this species, though - it simply demands attention.

2017 NECPS Show

The largest annual gathering of CP growers in the Northeast is always a big hit. This year was no exception!

A Visit to Native Exotics

You’ve seen (and likely bought) their top-notch material advertised on the web - here’s a look at the greenhouse behind the whole operation.

Giveaway Time!

What’s the point of growing these things if you can’t get other people addicted to them too? :D

Cultivation of Drosera regia

Majestic, stately, and just a little temperamental - managing the King is not hideously difficult, but a delicate touch is appreciated.

A Few Observations of Drosera schizandra

Carnivorous lettuce is in season! Here are some of my preferred ways to avoid making a salad out of it.